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What The Pong

What The Pong

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WHAT THE PONG is what you get when you combine the classic game of pong with trivia, luck, and trick shots!!! Its time to elevate your game night with this fun party pong game!

EASY PLAY AND SET UP! What The Pong is easy to learn and set up, you and your friends will be playing within minutes of opening the box. With a standard and quick play mode available in the rules, you can play which ever mode fits your party best!

3 EXCITING CATAGORIES! Luck, Trick Shot, and Hot Seat! Roll the Giant 2 inch die to decide which category card you will be pulling on your turn and let the good time roll!

TRIVIA! Test your knowledge on these random Hot Seat trivia questions. Not good at Trivia?! Don't worry, some questions are superrrrr easy! You got this! We believe in you....

TRICK SHOTS! The Trick Shot Category cards will have you throwing the ping pong ball in crazy and silly ways you never thought of! They can be a real challenge, with a high reward, you will get to remove 2 cups when you make these shots!
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