How To Self Fulfill Your Kickstarter And Save Money!

How To Self Fulfill Your Kickstarter And Save Money!

Hey everyone, I'm Mathue Ryann and I own a small indie publishing company called Envy Born Games, but if you're here on this website, you probably already know that....

With that said, every now and then I make step by step video guides on how to do things that I think would be helpful for other indie publishers or even first-time creators. These are typically topics that were daunting to me when I first had to take them on but are now as easy as a walk in the park for me.

What You Will Learn
This step-by-step video guide will go over how you can save money by fulfilling your own Kickstarter campaign yourself. This guide is specifically for people located within the US fulfilling domestically to US backers. Fulfilling orders to backer internationally is a whole other topic which would require its own video, perhaps 1 day I will make that video.....

If you have any questions after watching feel free to leave a comment on the video or message me directly.

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Board Games I have Fulfilled in the US.
I have self-fulfilled my own games, as well as games for other publishers, some of the games I am responsible for fulfilling in the US are, Regicide by Badger from Mars, the Black Sonata add-ons for Side Room Games during their Maquis Gamefound campaign, the new SOS Titanic Reprinting designed by Bruno Cathala & Ludovic Maublanc, as well as my own games, Don't Get Drunk, What The Pong, and soon Mine Your Business.


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