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Party Games

We originally got started in the board game industry by making party style games! Don't Get Drunk is the first game we ever made and is currently on its 6th print run.

Trading Card Game Accessories

Did you know that we also make accessories for TCG's and CCG's? The Envy Born games Legends line will help you with all of your card grading needs!

Legends Card Grading Tool

Our Best selling card grading tool is a must have for any TCG or Sport card collectors.

Our centering guide is easy to use, simply place over the card you wish to check, take the measurements, and reference the centering tool percentages guide. With our card grading tool you can check the centering from left to right and top to bottom. ou can easily determine if your card meets the centering requirements for PSA or BGS submission.

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How To Use The Legends Card Grading Tool