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Mine Your Business (One Game)

Mine Your Business (One Game)

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1 Copy of Mine Your Business - ( You Choose Between the Shovel or Pickaxe Edition)

Shovel Edition has Cyan and Yellow Meeples
Pickaxe Edition has Purple and Orange Meeples

For 1 – 2 players, Mine Your Business is a quick and tricky Spatial puzzle that encourages clever planning and pattern recognition, all while being sparkly. Race to fill your cart as it moves down the mountain by rotating and swapping cards and creating colorful patterns which you will then extract from the board for victory points. Do your best to avoid your opponent, as well as the pesky goblin that eats anything in it’s path! Featuring a unique timing mechanism, as well as solo, competitive, and cooperative modes, Mine Your Business is a fun challenge that plays in 30 minutes!

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